The people who form the executive management of SPA Company have nearly 35 years of combined experience in the consultancy and implementation of power line, solar power industry and general trading service. In leading roles in engineering and trading companies, they have been responsible for constructing numerous large-scale high voltage and medium voltage power lines and have helped promote the growth of solar energy in our territory:

Ehsan Mehmandoust (CEO and Member of Board 1984)
Ehsan Mehmandoust As the Chief Executive Officer and SPA shareholder, graduate engineer Ehsan Mehmandoust (Ms.C of Nanotechnology) is responsible for strategic activities, project execution and the supply chain.

Between 2007 and 2010, he was responsible of international affairs department at SPA .He started in the solar power industry as a project developer at SPA Company from 2010. The following year, Ehsan Mehmandoust was appointed head of member of board at NTA Company where he was responsible for a business division. At the end of 2013 he becomes managing director of SPA Company for local and global PV Projects.

Hossein Mehmandoust (COO and Member of board 1957)
Hossein Mehmandoust As the Chief Operations Officer and SPA shareholder, Hossein Mehmandoust (Electrical Engineer) is responsible for technical approaches and business development.

His career of 40+ years in the power industry began in 1977 at Esfahan department of electricity, where among other things he managed his own entity Khatsaz too. In 1987, Hossein Mehmandoust established other company named Niroosazan dedicated in consultancy and distribution of power lines in Esfahan. His responsibilities included implementing and designing large-scale power lines. He performed more than 110 power line projects within 20 years. In 2007 he established SPA Company with aim of engineering and trading services in PV market .Now he is one of main shareholders of SPA and ArianNiroo Company which is the exclusive distributors of HYUNDAI electro electric systems in IRAN.

Mojtaba Abbasi (Deputy of international affairs 1985)
Mojtaba Abbasi As a deputy of international affairs Mojtaba Abbasi (Ms.C of Industrial Engineering) started his cooperation with SPA Company from 2013.he is in charge of finance, human resource and cooperate issues.

He started his serious activities since 2007 from Ghaem Machinery Company as a head of quality control and operation department. He joined IranKhodro industrial group from 2009 as an advisor for the analysis and investigation of their projects reliabilities. He also did lots of valuable works for Mazandaran wood and paper industry group. Mojtaba Abbasi joined SPA Company as a deputy of international affair since 2013.